Legal Process Outsourcing FAQ

How does outsourcing save lawyers and clients money?

Outsourcing your legal writing and research services to LawWriter provides a built-in cost efficiency because we are experts in legal research and writing. We have so much experience in our craft that we can do the job much more swiftly and effectively than a lawyer inexperienced in this area or simply out of research practice. Our extensive experience and customized solutions leverage built-in cost efficiencies that simply won’t scale to a staffing model at your firm. This results in great savings to you and your clients.

There is no long-term investment involved with outsourcing, and none of the typical costs associated with hiring an associate to do your research and writing are implicated. There is no additional office space that needs to be rented, and no employee benefits need to be paid out. You simply will not incur any of the additional burdens that accompany hiring an employee. Lawyers outsource other services such as accounting services and document review, and legal research and writing services are no different.

You will pay LawWriter only for the time necessary to complete the project. Moreover, no training on your part is involved because we are experts in legal writing and research. LawWriter works for you only when you have an assignment. Simply put, outsourcing legal writing and research services to LawWriter allows you to get through the busy periods of your practice without incurring the additional expense of hiring an associate, or the worry of laying off that associate if business slows down.

How does outsourcing save lawyers time?

You are busy attending to your clients’ many needs. Allowing LawWriter to research and write for you frees up your time to attend depositions, develop case strategy, and focus on your marketing efforts to attract new clients. It will also allow for more personal time for you and your family.

Are lawyers allowed to make a profit on legal process outsourcing?

Yes. Lawyers in most jurisdictions (Texas is the exception) are ethically permitted to charge their clients a premium above the amount the lawyer pays to the outsourced legal writing service so long as the overall fee remains reasonable. ABA Formal Op. 08-451. Moreover, the lawyers are not ethically required to reveal the profit margin to their clients. Borrow our experience for a project, but keep the profits.

Is it ethical to outsource legal writing and research?

Yes, lawyers in all states except Texas are ethically permitted to outsource legal research and writing services to independent contract lawyers via an on line support company, provided the freelance service has the “legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation” according to ABA Formal Op. 08-451.

Who will work on my project at LawWriter?

Our lawyers all have outstanding credentials and experience. They are all U.S. based attorneys, licensed in a variety of U.S. jurisdictions. We are happy to provide the resume of any attorney who will be working on your project.

How will my clients’ confidentiality be protected?

All of our attorneys are bound by a strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your clients’ confidential materials are secure. Your clients’ information that is disclosed to us is also protected by the attorney client privilege. ABA Formal Op. 08-451. Moreover, we perform a conflict of interest check after receiving a Request A Consultation to make sure that we can ethically take on the project. We will decline the project if there is a conflict of interest, or even the appearance of impropriety.

Why shouldn’t lawyers use an outsourcing company from a foreign country?

The skill, knowledge, and experience of the attorneys at LawWriter simply put it in a class amongst itself. The lawyers at foreign outsourcing companies are not licensed U.S. attorneys. Most have learned English as a second language, and they do not understand the nuances of the English language, not to mention the complexities of U.S. legal arguments. Moreover, many confidentiality and non-disclosure issues arise at foreign-based outsourcing companies. ABA Formal Op. 08-451. By choosing a U.S. based legal research and writing service like LawWriter, you can rest assured that none of these issues will arise.

What makes LawWriter stand out over the other U.S. based legal research and writing services?

Our decades of federal court experience allows us to uniquely know what judges are looking for. We provide high quality service with a responsive touch. We marshal our federal court and law review experience to produce a clean, lean writing style honed over thousands of opinions.  We also have personal experience as practicing lawyers at both big law and smaller law firms, so we approach each project with both practical experience and knowledge.  Finally, some of our lawyers also teach legal writing and research at elite U.S. law schools, keeping up-to-date and employing cutting-edge techniques in the field. Read our sample opinions, briefs and memoranda to see how our experience, style, precision and clarity can translate into winning results for you and your clients.

How can LawWriter fit into a lawyer’s practice?

We work on a freelance basis to service lawyers and in-house counsel. Our customized services range from completing a polished finished project ready to file with the court to research or citations to plug into your draft. As a sole practioner or small law firm, you may not have access to specific legal databases and research materials. We can research statutes and cases from any jurisdiction, state or federal.

Moreover, you may feel that you don’t have the specific expertise to handle a particular area of law, such as a complicated appeal. Rather than refer the valuable client to another lawyer, let us assist you with our expertise and experience. That way, you keep the business and the profits. Plus, we are experts who actually enjoy legal research and writing—tasks not typically enjoyable for some lawyers. Let us pitch in and complete any project you do not have the time, staff, or will to complete.