Add Experience & Profit

Add Experience & Profit

LawWriter brings experience and expertise unmatched by any other legal writing service. Our Founder’s legal writing credentials are impeccable: 17 years experience as a federal district court law clerk, amassing invaluable inside knowledge on how judges evaluate arguments and which strategies best persuade them; 4 years as legal writing professor at Notre Dame Law School, assuring legal writing expertise as up-to-date and informed as the law itself; big law firm experience extending to complicated appeals and complex litigation, having worked in the litigation department of a major Chicago law firm; and a Law Review Executive Editorial background, having edited both Articles and Notes for publication.

Our decades of federal court experience allow us unique insight into problems and solutions from a judge’s perspective, directly translating into winning results for you and your clients. We are able to spot issues and analyze problems with this unique perspective borne by our exclusive experience. Moreover, as you will realize after you receive our Project Quote in response to your Request for Project Consultation, with experience comes a cost efficiency that simply cannot be duplicated.

Outsourcing your legal writing and research services to LawWriter provides a built-in cost efficiency because we are experts in legal research and writing. We have so much experience in our craft that we can do the job much more swiftly and effectively than a lawyer inexperienced in this area or simply out of research practice. Our extensive experience and customized solutions leverage built-in cost efficiencies that simply won’t scale to a staffing model at your firm. This results in great savings to you and your clients.

Moreover, there is no long-term investment involved with outsourcing to LawWriter, and none of the typical costs associated with hiring an associate to do your research and writing are implicated. There is no additional office space that needs to be rented, and no employee benefits need to be paid out. You simply will not incur any of the burdens that accompany hiring an employee. Lawyers outsource other services such as accounting services and document review, and legal research and writing services are no different. Outsourcing legal writing and research services to LawWriter allows you to get through the busy periods of your practice without incurring the additional expense of hiring an associate or the worry of laying off that associate if business slows down.

By outsourcing to LawWriter, you can get your work done and actually make a profit on our work. That is so because lawyers in most jurisdictions are ethically permitted to charge their clients a premium above the amount the lawyer pays to the outsourced legal writing service so long as the overall fee remains reasonable. ABA Formal Op. 08-451. Moreover, the lawyers are not ethically required to reveal the profit margin to their clients. Please, borrow our experience for a project, but keep the profits.